How To Avoid Being Cheated When Buying A Cylinder Printer?

- Jan 27, 2021-

  Many people have never bought a cylinder printer before.After all,cylinder UV printers are also new in the past few years.So,what is the price of a general cylinder printer?How to avoid being cheated when buying a cylinder printer?

  One,How to avoid being cheated when buying a cylinder printer?

  1.Avoid buying modified cylinder UV printers

  This situation is mostly present in modified machines that have been purchased for tens of thousands of dollars.This type of cylinder UV printer has very low profits on its own.It faces many bargaining and bargaining user needs.For the sake of performance,manufacturers can only dedicate themselves to after-sales services.Continuously reduce the quality of equipment and reduce costs.If the machine itself cannot make money,it can only make money through post-sales service,parts,and consumables.

  2.On-site investigation by manufacturers

  Planning a cylinder printer manufacturer that is too small,I suggest not to consider it,because the manufacturer is too small and may be closed at any time.Don’t consider if the manufacturer is too big,because the manufacturer sells a lot of equipment,and the after-sales cannot be done in time.Therefore,the medium manufacturer is a good choice.

cylinder UV printer

  3.Try to choose a cylinder printer with an industrial head

  Many cylinder printers on the market use Epson nozzles.It is recommended to choose cylinder industrial machines with industrial heads as much as possible when choosing.The service life of the nozzles is much longer.

  4.What kind of after-sales service

  The seemingly simple three points of after-sales service have actually included many purchase requirements.You can't see the strength and qualifications of a flatbed printer manufacturer without on-site investigation of the manufacturer!It is impossible to distinguish clearly based on information on the Internet.On-site investigations to manufacturers can also be a good way to distinguish whether some manufacturers are agents or distributors!

  Two,Summary of the cylinder UV printer manufacturer Dacen

  It is not difficult to buy a cylinder UV printer.Go to a regular cylinder UV printer manufacturer to see the strength of the manufacturer,conduct on-site inspections,sign a contract,and specify down payment service regulations.It is basically no problem if invoices are required and after-sales methods are clarified.

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