Cylinder UV Printer For Bottle/cup/thermos Cup

Cylinder UV Printer For Bottle/cup/thermos Cup

Dacen offers a custom tooling service from concept to build. Simply send in a few of your drinkware or cylindrical items and we will create tooling that will fit perfectly into your rotary cylinder inkjet printer.

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Cylinder UV printer for bottle/cup/thermos cup

       We always focus on the R&D and manufacturing of jet printing equipment and process applications, and continue to develop and innovate.

       We have a strong R&D team and print head control technologies such as EPSON, Toshiba, Konica, Ricoh, and maintain close cooperation with foreign UV ink manufacturers. We will definitely be able to provide you with comprehensive printing technology solutions and higher-demand customized services .

cylinder printer

  1. Standard 4 colors (KCMY), optional spot colors; piezo electric inkjet technology.

   2.Equipped with LED-UV curing device to ensure that the ink dries immediately.

   3.Special-shaped cups are printed, with unlimited shapes

   4.The print rotation axis are driven by an independent servo motor and controlled by PLC

   5.CMYK W V , print at one time

cylinder inkjet printer

Good stability-the inner circulation directly takes away the bubbles and impurities in the spray chamber to ensure the stability of continuous printing. ØLong nozzle life-the internal circulation self-repairing function greatly reduces the nozzle oblique spray hole blocking and prolongs the nozzle life. Ø Strong ink adaptability-The internal circulation prevents the precipitation of large-particle pigment ink, which can be used in a wider range of ink applications.

cylinder inkjet printer

cylinder uv printer

cylinder uv printer

Independent multi-station printing solutions, while ensuring speed, accuracy and equipment life, and have a wider range of applications, will produce greater value.

Company Introduction:

Shenzhen Dacen Digital Tecnology Co., Ltd. was established in 2012 with more than tenyears experience in UV digital printers,DACEN has become one of the most professional manufacturers of UV digital printers in China. At present DACEN focus onresearching, producing and selling digital printing facilities and environmental protection UV ink. DACEN products have been exported to many countries and regions all over the world since found. DACEN is the first one in China who work on the Toshiba print head UV flatbed printer. And from the build time, we are only working on UV printer flatbed printer, hybrid printer. Now are the most experienced manufacturer of Toshiba printhead flatbed printer.




Machine size and dimension

1812 L *660 W*1820 H mm,300kg


50HZ AC220/110±>10A Ground wire

Print size

Height 40-270mm

Print diameter

diameter 18-120mm (can be customized as required)



Print head quantity

3 pcs


900/1200 dpi

Print speed

Subject to technical agreement

Printing rotation angle


Max taper drop

6 Angle


UV ink

Ink color

K C M Y  W V

RIP software


File format


Curing system

UV-LED Curing system

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