How Much Is A Cylinder UV Printer?

- Feb 09, 2021-

  When buying a cylindrical printer,the price is very important.Most people want to know how much a cylindrical printer is?Like Dacen's cylinder UV printers,Ricoh G5i industrial nozzles are used,with a service life of more than 2 years(XP600 generally has a life of 3 months).This article will talk about the price of cylindrical UV printers.

  1.How much is a cylinder printer?

  In order to promote the customized technology of cylinder printing and let the vacuum flask merchants use the cylinder printer,Dacen now offers the low price of the cylinder printer in the industry,21,000-$21,500 per unit,but the printing effect,speed,and ease of operation are all in the market.On other products.

  2.The cost calculation of the cylindrical printer

  Under normal circumstances,the cost of printing a square of ink,including white color varnish,is about 1-2 US dollars,if there is no white or varnish,the cost will be lower,that is,a 3 cm x 3 cm,that is,a picture of 0.0009 square meters.The cost of printing is less than 10 cents,and so on.If you calculate the cost of ink and electricity,the electricity for your own equipment is mainly motors,UV lamps,less than 1KW,and the electricity bill for a class is less than$1.

  3.The cylinder printer manufacturer Dacen summarizes

  This article is about"How much is a cylinder printer?"I hope to help you.

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