What Is The Accuracy Of A Cylinder Printer?

- Jan 27, 2021-

  What is the accuracy of the cylinder printer?Many customers have high requirements for printing accuracy of thermos cups,bottles,and cosmetic bottles.The general accuracy is mainly determined by the accuracy of the nozzle,the clarity of the picture,and the operation method.

  One,What is the accuracy of a cylindrical printer?

  1.Cylindrical UV printers often say that the accuracy is high and the accuracy is low.For experts,the accuracy is generally based on how many dpi ranges the flatbed printer can print.For example,Dacen uses Ricoh G5i nozzles,thanks to the nozzles supporting 5PL average droplets,Can support printing accuracy at 1440dpi,so the printing accuracy is called high-precision cylindrical UV printer in the cylindrical printer industry.

cylinder UV printer

  2.After printing by a cylinder UV printer,if there is no ink flying within 35 cm from the product in the normal visible range,no jagged edges,no color difference in the same batch,etc.,it is high-precision printing.The fineness can be seen even when the product is held in the hand,the color is very bright,and the naked eye can see the graininess is very small,it looks very realistic,and the color difference is almost zero,which means high-precision printing.

  3.If customers want to print high-precision products,they can contact Dacen sales colleagues to provide printing solutions that meet the bosses.As a cylindrical printer manufacturer,Dacen strives to solve printing solutions for customers is our purpose.Welcome to visit!

  Two,Summary of the cylindrical UV printer manufacturer Dacen

  Of course,the clarity of the cylindrical UV printer nozzle is up to the requirement.If the picture is not clear enough,or the operation method is wrong,it may cause others to print very clearly,and you may not print clearly.At this time,pay attention to the clarity of the picture.Degree or method of operation.

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