Why UV Flatbed Printer Can Not Recognize The Ink Box

- Jul 18, 2017-

UV flatbed printer in the use of the process, there may be a special problem, that is, the machine  shows, it is unable to identify the cartridge inside.

The reason of UV flatbed printer for such a situation, there are two main reasons .For the first ,such a product appears this situation is mainly because the inside of the place that is for waste ink is full, after all, inside the various parts have their own life, when some parts are going to achieve its limit, there will certainly be a problem, if the place for waste ink is full,it shows that his own work has reached a limit, if work more there is no way to show up, and naturally it is unable to print, as long as the parts inside be cleaned up  .

UV flat printer printer print head is unable to work properly, but also an important cause that can not be identified, the reason why the nozzle is blocked, the main is that there are some serious problems when they clean pump mouth , such a part  is actually playing a relatively large role in the protection to the print head, if they often move such a part, naturally there may be damage to the print head, the nozzle is filled with air around, not as before Sealed, so that the inside of the gas increased, it will be unable to identify the situation.


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