Advantages Of UV Flatbed Printer Print On Glass

- Jul 17, 2017-

Most of the home decoration will have a sliding door installation site,the ordinary white glass or emulsified glass sliding door has been unable to meet the increasing customer requirement. Whether from the profile, or from the sliding door glass design and processing, in recent years showing a high-end characteristics . Profiles from ordinary white material, to the color material, to the electrophoresis treatment. Craft from simple frying, to car engraved, to the combination of craftsmanship. All reflect the continuous improvement of the market and customer requirements . From its popularity and high-speed weed out can be seen that the market is fierce, but also give more choices to the customer .


Advantages of glass printer machine :

1.Print costs are low, can significantly reduce the cost of printing products.

2.Print speed is fast and is easy to operate.

3.Image quality is high and the color is realistic;

4.It is suitable for mass production and the processing is convenient.

5.Suitable for any materials to do the printing.

6.Strong stability, has solved many deficiencies that exists in glass printer.


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