What Kind Of Material UV Printer Can Not Print?

- Jul 18, 2017-

          With the popularity of UV flatbed printer, I believe we have a certain understanding of the UV printer, UV flatbed printer favored by various printing industries because a wide range of materials can be printed, the effect of print is clear and realistic and it is easy to use and so on. Although the UV printer can print a wide range of materials, full-featured, but some materials can not be printed. So what kind of material UV printer can not print?


         1. curved material. When the printed material is curved, the UV printer is not able to print. If the arc material is printed, it is possible that the print pattern is not clear because the distance between the nozzle and the material is too far. If the nozzle and material distance is too near, may cause the nozzle collide the material, and damage the nozzle.

         2. High reflective material. When we print a strong reflective material, such as mirrors, etc., because the light of the UV light on the material, the material will reflect, so that part of the light reflected back to the nozzle, so that the ink inside the nozzle will solidify, causing nozzle be clogged.

         3. After printing, the material need high temperature, strong acid treatment. The ink of the UV printer will lead to pattern loss, deformation and other issues after high temperature, strong acid treatment.

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