Why So Many People Choose Bottle Printers?

- Mar 04, 2021-

  Why do so many people choose bottle printers?Bottle UV printers are suitable for printing media:leather,stainless steel,wood,lacquer;aluminum alloy profiles,aluminum alloy lacquered panels,glass,ceramic tiles,marble,acrylic panels,aluminum composite panels,polyurethane panels and other media.These industries may all need to use bottle UV printers.

  One.Why so many people choose bottle printers?

  1.Personalized customization:The bottle UV printer can print pictures,portraits and other patterns without limitation;

  2.3d embossing effect:the pattern printed by the bottle printer presents a 3d effect visually,and the hand feels uneven,which increases the added value;

  3.Simple operation:computer control equipment,after the software is set up,follow-up automatic printing,saving labor;

  4.Piezoelectric inkjet principle,without contact with the material,can print a wide range of materials.

  5.The bottle printer can not only print any pattern and 3D relief effect on the surface of flat home decorations,but also paint on the uneven surface,so that the colors and expressions of various round,conical or special-shaped cups are instantly enriched.stand up.

  Two.Summary of the bottle UV printer manufacturer Dacen

  The bottle printer can print landscape photos,personal photos,family portraits,wedding photos,world-famous paintings and personal and beautiful patterns that you design yourself on tiles,glass,wood,metal,cups,etc.,as you can imagine.If you have any needs,please inquire.

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