How To Increase The Adhesion Of The Bottle UV Printer Screen?

- Mar 06, 2021-

  Many customers hope that the image will not fade or fade for a long time through UV printing.This article will talk about how to increase the adhesion of the bottle printer screen?Bottle UV printers mainly provide professional and personalized art production equipment for building materials,home improvement,toys,various material signs,mobile phone cases,3C plastic shell electronic products,craft gifts,wine box packaging,etc.Everyone hopes that the printed image quality can be retained for a long time.

  One.How to increase the adhesion of the bottle printer screen?

  1.A good way to maintain the durability of the bottle printer's printed pattern is to use the appropriate ink and do a post-protection treatment after the printing is completed.However,it will fade if exposed to ultraviolet rays and ordinary incandescent lamps.

  2.Place the printed pattern in a cool and non-glare place to ensure that the pattern is not irradiated by strong light.

  3.Use ink with good sealability,which is the basic condition to ensure that the pattern will not fade for a long time.Do not choose ink with a long shelf life,because its particles are large and the inside is not easily oxidized,which will destroy the printing effect of the bottle printer.

  Two.Summary of the bottle UV printer manufacturer Dacen

  How to increase the adhesion of the bottle UV printer screen?In general,when printing,pay attention to some materials that need to be coated.With the right ink,the indoor environment will have a longer service life.

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