How To Prevent The Bottle Printer From Hitting Scrap Products?

- Mar 03, 2021-

  How to prevent the bottle printer from printing scrap products?Bottle printers basically process finished products,such as thermos cups,cups,ceramic cups,stainless steel plates,cosmetic bottles,etc.Although it is said that the screen can be cleaned with alcohol,once it is scrapped,it takes time and effort.This article will talk about how to avoid it.

  One.How to prevent the bottle printer from printing scrap products?

  1.The hardware facilities of the bottle printer itself

  If you want to buy a good bottle printer,you must choose a good quality manufacturer.Although the price of a good manufacturer will be relatively higher,but the saying goes,good products are not cheap,and cheap is not good.We buy machines not for temporary consumption,but for long-term production.

  2.Supporting software system

  When purchasing a bottle printer,the printer manufacturer will have a supporting software system.But some manufacturers are equipped with pirated software,which is definitely not the same as the genuine one.The software system that low-priced machines are allocated to customers is often encrypted,lacking in functions,etc.,which cannot guarantee the subsequent upgrades and diversified needs of customers.Some of the bad manufacturers will even charge customers money for software unlocking.Five or six thousand,as many as 20,000,30,000,which severely destroyed the good development of the bottle UV printer industry.

  3.Bottle printer production environment

  Bottle UV printers have requirements on the humidity and temperature of the surrounding environment.If there is a lot of dust around,the dust will fly into the nozzle during the operation of the machine,it will cause the nozzle to block or print unevenly,which will cause the product to be scrapped.

  Two.Summary of the bottle UV printer manufacturer Dacen

  What are the factors that affect the scrap of bottle printer products?Everyone should know that the important thing for bottle printers is that the printed products can be finished products.After all,the scrap rate of bottle printers directly affects this profit.The content of this article hopes to help you.

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