Why Proofing Should Be Done Before Printing?

- Jul 07, 2017-

Why proofing should be done before printing?


The proofing before formal printing is the cohesion process between the prepress produce and the formal printing, is to allow customers to predict the final printing effect before printing in order to modify, to avoid that after the completion of printing, there is something not satisfied that need to change, waste time and energy.


Proofing can help customers check that the text, images, color and page settings contained in the printed pattern are correct or not so that they can be modified in a timely manner. In particular, the color of the pattern is the most difficult to control in printing, because different printing materials, ink and rate of dot growth will cause changes of the printing pattern’s color. So it can be tested with the proofing before the bulk printing to see if the color of the sample is consistent with the design of the color, make timely changes, and then start to print with large quantities.


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