UV Flatbed Printer Nozzle Loading And Unloading Precautions

- Jul 06, 2017-

         The nozzle is the most important part of the UV flatbed printer, as time goes by, the nozzle will inevitably have some problems, and some problems need to remove the nozzle for processing. But talking about the disassembly of nozzle, which also has a lot of place need to pay attention. So what specific areas need attention?


        1. UV flatbed printer head surface is very fragile, absolutely can not bump. Its surface is a piece of aluminum, the inner layer coated with a crystal oscillator and very small ink tube. A touch will make it deform, or even broken, so that the nozzles are scrapped.

        2. Be careful when installing the nozzle, be sure to power off and install the nozzle in place. After the installation, the hand gently push the head carriage around the move, check whether it is smooth, do not power on when the head be installed. Because if the nozzle is not in place, the head carriage is easy to hit the nozzle crack. But our hand can feel it.

        3. Steel shaft should be clean and smooth, we can use paper with a lubricant to wipe it. Do not directly put the oil on the shaft, excess oil will flow to the nozzle, and will make a damage.

        4. The nozzle just be installed, there will have air inside. So it can not be used to print immediately. Only the air of the nozzle is completely discharged, all the nozzles can spray ink.

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