Which Model Is Generally Used For Acrylic UV Flatbed Printers?

- Jan 26, 2021-

  Generally,the acrylic printer purchased by the acrylic factory is DG-2513,because the general acrylic is 1.24*2.44.If you want a whole piece of painting surface,the size of 2513 is suitable for printing,and the print size of the 2513UV flatbed printer is 2500*1300MM.

  1.Introduction of Acrylic UV Printer

  Acrylic has good plasticity,so it is very common in the construction industry and advertising industry.However,transparent and colorless acrylic cannot fully meet the needs of various applications.Therefore,it is necessary to use a UV printer to print acrylic and print various designs on acrylic materials.Good patterns to increase its aesthetics.

  The UV printer is known as a universal printer,which can print patterns and embossments and other color effects on almost any plane.The acrylic plate uv printer is a printing machine that can print patterns on acrylic plates.The printed patterns have good light transmittance and color.Good,beautiful and flat,and can also be waterproof,sun-proof and scratch-resistant.It is a good printer that meets the needs of billboards.

  2.Introduction to the parameters of acrylic UV flatbed printer

Print size2500*1300mm
Print headRicoh Gen5
Print head quantity6-8pcs
Print drops7PL
Print speedNumber of Nozzle3pcs-4pcs6pcs-8pcs
4pass Draft mode15.6㎡/h30.3㎡/h
6pass Production mode10.6㎡/h 21.3㎡/h 
8pass High resolution mode8㎡/h 16㎡/h 
ColorC / M / Y / K / LC / LM / W / V
Print height100mm
Curing systemLED UV light
Image formatTIFF / BMP / EPS / JPEG
Cleaning systemAuto prositive press cleaning 
Data interfaceUSB3.0
Operation softwareWindows7/10 X 64
Power requirementAC220 ,50Hz
EnvironmentTemperature20℃ - 30℃
Humidity30% - 70%
DustSimilar to office environment
Machine size4333*2088*1300mm
CertificationCE / ROHS / SGS
Net weight1000KG

  3.UV printer manufacturer DACEN summary

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