What Is A Toy UV Flatbed Printer?

- Jan 27, 2021-

  What is a toy UV flatbed printer?In fact,toy printers are just one type of UV printer,which adds the function of height difference.For the same model of UV printer,it is a little more expensive than ordinary UV printers to achieve height difference.

  One,What is a toy UV flatbed printer?

  1.The toy printer puts the printed material directly on the platform,and then it can print directly,just as convenient as the printer prints to paper.

  2.Toy printers are a new breakthrough in the printing industry.Toy printers specialize in printing color patterns,LOGOs and texts of various special materials.According to the current toy market survey,toy printers have been integrated into this industry!With its own strength,it replaced the traditional printing process.

  Two,Summary of toy printer manufacturer Dacen

  The above is the whole content of"What is a toy UV flatbed printer?".Ordinary UV printers can only print products within 3MM-5MM,which means they can only print flat toys.Dacen's toy printers can realize special-shaped toys.,Inkjet printing with a relatively large drop,generally products with a drop above 5MM and toys below 10MM can be printed.If you have any needs,please contact us.

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