Analysis Of Several Major Applications Of UV Flatbed Printers

- Jan 25, 2021-

  UV flatbed printers have a wide range of applications,so they are also called universal printers.In terms of market conditions alone,UV printers are mainly used in the toy industry,advertising industry,building materials industry,and packaging industry.

  One.UV printer is used in toy industry

  UV printers can easily achieve the exquisite pattern printing needs of toys of all ages such as Rubik’s Cube,puzzles,dolls,etc.,which greatly improves the quality and speed of the company’s products.This is unmatched by traditional hand-painting and screen printing.In toy printing applications,compared to The traditional manual drawing and screen printing technology is a subversive innovation.The printing speed is fast.The printed patterns are novel and bright in color.UV ink is green and environmentally friendly.It can complete a variety of different processes at one time.The uneven surface can print up to 15mm.,It solves the problems caused by the drop printing process of concave-convex groove products.

  2.UV printers are used in the advertising industry

  Advertising industry.The production of indoor and outdoor advertisements,signs,signs,posters,display boards,signs,acrylic light boxes,PVC light boxes,business cards,etc.Large plaque signs,large advertising displays,outdoor photo printing,as small as business cards,advertising gifts,medals,medals,cards,badges,etc.,are widely used,and this is the universal application of universal analysis printers.

  3.UV printers are used in the building materials industry

  The uv flatbed printer undertakes the business needs of wooden products architectural decoration for various large shopping malls,shopping malls,office buildings,squares and other buildings,including wooden product background walls,wooden product exterior walls,wooden product partitions,wooden product screens,wooden product murals,etc.Places where home furnishings need to be used and can be used for decoration;including doors and windows,partitions,screens,floors,ceilings,bathrooms,wall murals,and personalized home furnishings and other wood products.The uv flatbed printer can be customized according to the individual needs of consumers,which contains business opportunities.Professionally create personalized crafts.As long as consumers choose their favorite images of flowers and plants,birds,beasts,fish and insects,meticulous figures,abstract figures,etc.,they can make on-demand images and are favored by consumers.

  4.UV printers are used in the packaging industry

  packaging.Wine box packaging,health care product box,antique wooden box packaging,cosmetic packaging,gift box,metal packaging,etc.These products often mean high profits,and high profits usually need packaging to set off to highlight the noble temperament of the product.

  Two,UV printer manufacturer Dacen summary

  UV flatbed printers are not restricted by any material,and can print color photos on wood,glass,crystal,PVC,ABS,acrylic,metal,plastic,stone,leather and other surfaces.Whether it is a simple full-color or over-color pattern,it can be printed at one time,without plate making,printing and repeated color registration.The colors are beautiful and rich,the effect is realistic,the image is waterproof,sunscreen,wear-resistant,color-fast,operation Simple and convenient,printing image speed is fast,in line with printing industry standards.The above is the entire content of"Analysis of Several Major Applications of UV Flatbed Printers",I hope to help you.

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