Which Cylinder Printer Manufacturer Is Better?

- Jan 06, 2021-

   Which cylinder  printer manufacturer is better? In fact, there are not many manufacturers that really make cylindrical printers. Generally, there are just a few cylindrical printers on the market: small cylindrical flatbed all-in-one machine (A3 size), medium cylindrical flatbed machine (6090), large cylindrical printer (Specially customized for cylinders, the printing speed is as fast as 10S/piece), multi-station disc machine (can print multiple cylinders at a time, and has its own assembly line). Which cylinder printer is better? Choosing Dacen, Dacen has more than ten years of experience in the UV printer industry, and has spent a lot of manpower and material resources on the cylindrical machine. The industrial head Ricoh G5i is used, which is rare in the market with high quality and low price.

   One. How to purchase a cylinder UV printer

   1. Choose a cylinder printer according to your order quantity

  The quantity and precision requirements of the products made by myself are used to choose which model and which nozzle to use.

  2. The size of the printed product size is used to select the cylindrical UV printer size.

   The main types of nozzles currently on the market are: Epson, Ricoh, Toshiba, etc.

   Epson's print heads are early products. The price of the print heads is relatively low and the accuracy is high, but the life span is relatively short, usually several months. The industrial print heads Ricoh print heads generally have a service life of more than two years.

   Two. Summary of the cylinder printer manufacturer Dacen

   This article is about "Which cylinder UV printer manufacturer is better?" I hope to help you.

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