Three Customer Concerns About Cylinder Printers

- Jan 06, 2021-

  Many customers have the intention to purchase cylinder printers.However,on the one hand,they are worried about the high price of cylinder printers,on the other hand,they are worried about the print quality,and they may also worry about the printing time.This articledacen  editor will talk about it.Customers have three major concerns about cylinder printers.


  One.Three concerns of customers about cylinder printers


  1.Is the cylinder printer expensive?


  Depending on your specific needs,there are small machines of 20,000 to 30,000(cylindrical flatbed all-in-one machines),and there are also large machines of tens of thousands to 100,000.The requirements are different and the prices are different.Of course,the greater the efficiency,the higher the price.The problem is also a cost.Usually what we call cost is composed of three parts:depreciation,materials and labor.The depreciation of the cylinder printer is determined by the investment when purchasing the printer;in terms of material cost,the price of ink is gradually reduced with the expansion of applications,which can save a lot of ink purchase costs.Compared with traditional printing,cylindrical printers do not require plate making,You can save the cost of plate making;the cylinder printer is highly automated,which can reduce labor costs.With the increasing number of cylinder printer users and the maturity of technology,the overall price level has declined,prompting more customers to accept cylinder printer digital printing.


  2.How about the printing quality of the cylinder printer


  Although the quality of machine prints is temporarily not the same as traditional printing due to the structure of the cylinder printer and the different consumables used,in terms of finishing,with the continuous improvement of the imaging system,the improvement of imaging accuracy and output resolution,With the enhancement of media latitude,the current cylinder printers introduced by various manufacturers have been able to meet the needs of good printing,and are still developing in the direction of higher quality.


  3.Can the printing quality of the cylinder printer be retained for a long time?


  Regarding this,you can do an experiment by yourself and take a look at how long the cylinder printer prints are kept.Put the traditional ink,electronic ink,and the printed products of the cylinder printer together in the sun.After a few days,you will find that the printed products printed by the cylinder printer have better color durability than the traditional ink.


  Two.Summary of the cylinder printer manufacturer Dacen


  Cylinder UV printer breaks through the bottleneck of digital printing technology.It is a high-tech full-color digital printing machine without plate making,which realizes a real one-piece printing,no plate making,full-color image completion at one time,multi-material compatibility,multiple Functional combination.It achieves high-quality printing effects with ultra-low printing costs,and is not restricted by any material.It can meet the high-quality and high-demand printing needs of many industries in metal,glass,leather,ceramics,wood,bamboo,etc.Mainly for:high-speed customized processing of vacuum flasks,stainless steel plates,cups,wine bottles,cosmetic bottles,etc.




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