What Should To Do If The Curing Effect Of Cylinder Printer Is Not Good?

- Jan 07, 2021-

  If the cylinder printer has a good curing effect,the service life will be longer.This article will talk about the cylinder printer with a bad curing effect.

  One.What should to do if the curing effect of the cylindrical printer is not good?

  Cylinder UV printer UV light curing has three elements:

  1.Spectrum,that is,whether the light emitted by a light source such as a cylindrical printer UV lamp is consistent with the absorption spectrum of the cured product.

  2.Intensity,that is,whether the light emitted by the cylindrical printer light source is sufficient to cause a photochemical reaction of the cured product.Due to the performance of the sensitizer inside the cured product(UV coating,ink,glue),the dosage is different,the main agent and the amount of agent The light transmittance and sensation are also different,so the curing strength requirements are different.

  3,the curing speed,too fast curing speed can not complete curing,and too slow will have a bad effect on the cured product.Such as pattern cracking,poor adhesion,etc.The curing speed varies with different cured products.

  Two.Summary of Cylinder UV Printer Manufacturer Dacen

  The UV lamp tube of the cylindrical printer mainly refers to the lamp tube that can emit ultraviolet light.When it emits light,it is accompanied by high heat,because it not only excites ultraviolet light,but also accompanied by infrared emission.The light wavelength is concentrated at about 365mm.The ratio is different due to the content of different quality lamps.Normal domestic UV lamps have a longer ultraviolet of about 30%,while imported UV lamps have 40-50%content.At the same time,the heat generation is also long and the service life is long,up to 2000 hours.The lamp only lasts about 1000 hours.

  During the printing and production process of cylindrical UV printers,personnel in some industries often encounter the phenomenon that the UV ink is not cured and the surface is sticky,resulting in unsatisfactory printing results.This article is"What should to do if the curing effect of cylindrical printers is not good?I hope to help you with all the contents.

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