What Is The Difference Between Cleaning And Ink Extraction?

- Jul 19, 2017-

        UV printer use for a long time, we will inevitably encounter the nozzle appears disconnected situation. Encounter this situation, we generally take the method of pumping, but many users do not know the difference between cleaning and ink extraction. DACEN introduce it briefly for everyone.


        In fact, when the nozzle is ink broken, the role of cleaning and ink extraction is the same, It sucks the ink out from the nozzle. But the actual effect is not the same.

       1. In the case of ink flow is very good, the effect is the same.

       2. In the case of ink flow is not good or nozzle on the block but not serious, the ink extraction can solve the problem of ink broken as soon as possible. what is the reason? Because when cleaning, the nozzle has a "fire" process. Although the ink was sucked out in the cleaning time, there are ink inside the nozzle, but because of the "fire", the ink inside the nozzle was depleted, and the ink due to poor mobility, did not make up in time, causing there is also a ink broken phenomenon.

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