What Is The Role Of The UV Flatbed Printer's Suction Platform?

- Jul 24, 2017-

Adsorption function is mainly designed for some soft materials (such as leather, plastic, PVC, etc.), opening the adsorption function can let soft materials more flat pave on the machine platform to facilitate the print head printing, and protect the print head better.

We all know that when printing soft materials, soft materials are very easy to tilt, once the material is tilted, will lead to material and print head rub, not only lead to material scrapped, but also damage the print head.

So how does the UV printer's adsorption function work? Operation is very simple, as long as to put materials onto the adsorption platform, and then open the adsorption function. Adsorption platform has honeycomb holes, open the adsorption function, allows the material to stick to the platform.


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