The Reason For The Chromatism Of UV Flatbed Printer Printing Effects

- Jul 25, 2017-

When the printer operator carefully checks the color pattern printed by the flatbed printer, it is found that there will be a chromatism of the pattern printed by the flatbed printer and actual color effect. The final result will be reprinted. Otherwise, the loss is not just material, time, cooperation, customers may also be lost, what causes it?


1. Image problem: before the operator use flatbed printer to print , need to do some treatment on the pattern until the effect achieve customer’s requirement , and then began to print. Before  printing, it is best to perform a model test until the desired effect is reached.


2. Ink problem: ink is the key factor of the final printing effect , if the flatbed printer’s ink quality is too poor, it is difficult to print out the effect that customer needs.

3. The printer problem: if want to print out the effect of customer needs the most efficiently , flatbed printer itself is the most important role, only a high stability, high precision flatbed printer can print  the product without chromatism.

In addition to the above three reasons, the operator of the flatbed printer itself is also an important factor, the product printed by an excellent operator is more in line with customer needs.


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