Factors That Affect The Printing Effect Of The UV Printer

- Jul 24, 2017-

Do you have a self-test when the UV flatbed printer is not doing well? In addition to the device itself, there may be other causes. You can understand the five factors that affect the printing effect of UV flatbed printer, then you can improve the printing quality faster.


First, the operating skills

The operating skills of UV flatbed printer is one of the factors that directly affect the printing effect, so the operator must accept a more professional training to get started, so as to print out high-quality products. Consumers in the purchase of UV flatbed printer, you can ask manufacturers to provide appropriate technical training and guidance.

Second, the coating treatment

Part of the print materials need to be equipped with a special coating, in order to print on the surface of the material well. Coating treatment is very important, first of all, must be coated evenly, the coating is uniform the color will be uniform; Second, to choose the correct coating, not mixed.

Third, the UV ink

UV flatbed printer need to use a special ink, the general manufacturers will be supporting the sale. UV ink quality directly impact on the printing effect, for different types of machines, to choose a different ink. It is recommended to find manufacturers directly to buy or use the ink which is recommended by manufacturers .

Fourth, material

The operator's understanding of the material will also affect the printing effect. UV ink itself will react with the printed material, will penetrate a certain percentage, different materials, the degree of penetration is not the same, so the operator familiar with the print material will affect the effect of printing.


Fifth, the picture

When the UV flatbed printer is no problem, to consider whether the picture itself is the reason, if the pixel of picture itself is relatively low, then the effect of printing is bad. Even if the picture is refined, can not achieve higher quality printing effect.

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