What Is The General Configuration Of The Cylinder Printer?

- Jan 15, 2021-

  What is the general configuration of the cylinder printer? How to choose a cost-effective cylindrical printer? With so many cylindrical printer manufacturers on the market, how do you choose a cost-effective cylindrical printer manufacturer?

   One. What is the general configuration of the cylinder printer?

   1. The strength of cylindrical UV printer manufacturers

   A highly equipped cylindrical printer comes from the overall strength of the manufacturer's brand. It can investigate and compare from the company's establishment time, business scale size, product history time, research and development department, technical group and after-sales service group, hardware and software, qualification certificate, user evaluation and other levels.

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   2. Characteristics of cylindrical UV printer

  The characteristics of the machine and equipment of the cylinder printer manufacturer are mainly considered from the aspects of appearance, reliability, speed, precision and actual printing effect and price. The reliability of the characteristics of the cylindrical printer machinery and equipment depends on the selection of nozzles, motors, main control boards, drag chains, timing belts, slide rails, and ball screws. The cylindrical UV printer can ensure the smooth operation of the system software, and the printing precision is higher. It can return to a starting point after printing more than 50 times, and the service life is longer. The nozzle models and specifications of cylindrical printers are different. For example, Ricoh G5i nozzles are industrial nozzles with long service life. Each nozzle is different. Please consult the manufacturer of cylindrical UV printers.

  3. After-sales service of cylindrical UV printer

  The guarantee system includes pre-sale service, sale and after-sale maintenance service. Whether the pre-sale service can be sampled for free depends on the actual effect, whether it is not good whether it can be processed immediately; whether it can show a good investment reference and site proposal plan for the machine equipment project during the sale.

   Two. Summary of the cylindrical UV printer manufacturer Dacen

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