How To Choose A Cylinder Printer Manufacturer?

- Jan 14, 2021-

  How to choose a cylinder printer manufacturer?There are not many manufacturers that really make cylinders.Dacen has been engaged in UV printers for more than ten years.The cylinder printers developed for many years have a printing speed of 15S/piece,using Ricoh G5i nozzles,long service life,and printing color relief/3D/5D/color White and other effects can be printed,this article specifically talks about how to choose a cylindrical printer.

  One.How to choose a cylinder printer manufacturer?

  1.Looking at the strength of the manufacturer,cylinder printers still have technical content.It is important to find a capable cylinder printer manufacturer.

  2.UV printer printing effect to check whether the printing effect of a cylinder printer is good,the direct method is to check by printing pictures,the cylinder printer with high precision,the printed pictures are the same as the designed pictures,no There will be horizontal bars,horizontal lines and ghosts,and the printed graphics will be exquisite and colorful,which improves the expressiveness of the picture,making it more realistic and full of impact.

cylinder printer (5)

  3.Whether the effect of printing samples on a cylindrical UV printer is consistent with the quality of the products printed continuously,and whether the stability of the cylindrical printer is good.Dacen products are different from ordinary civilian-grade products,using ingenuity to build industrial-grade equipment,and the equipment is tested for 7*24 hours reliability.

  Two.Summary of cylinder printer manufacturer Dacen

  This article is about"How to choose a cylinder printer manufacturer?"I hope to help you,if you have a cylinder printer,vacuum flask printer,wine bottle printer needs,welcome to visit Dacen on the spot.

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