How Much Is A Cylinder Printer?

- Jan 15, 2021-

   How much is a cylindrical printer? Different models have different prices. Generally, the commonly used cylindrical UV printers are A3, DG-6090, single-station cylindrical dedicated printers, multi-station cylindrical dedicated printers, and the same machine, with different nozzles, will have different prices.

   One, the composition of the price of a cylindrical printer

   1. The cylinder UV printer print size determines the price

   Most manufacturers price according to the printing speed and configuration of the cylinder printer. The price of A3 with cylinder function is 22,800, the price of DG-6090 cylinder flatbed all-in-one machine is around 68,000, and the price of cylinder dedicated printer is around 90-130 thousand. , Multi-station cylindrical printers often need to be customized, and the price will be higher. The specific price is subject to the manufacturer's quotation.

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   2. Shenzhen is the birthplace of cylindrical UV printer manufacturers. There are many cylindrical UV printer manufacturers and the price is cheap. Please connect with the business for specific prices.

  3. The cylinder printer nozzle determines the price

   The main functional component of the cylindrical printer is the print head, which directly affects the color output. At present, there are mainly Epson and Ricoh G5i print heads on the market. Ricoh print heads are industrial print heads and have a long life. The cost performance will be higher.

   Two. Summary of the cylindrical UV printer manufacturer Dacen

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