What Are The Precautions For Bottle UV Printer Operation?

- Mar 11, 2021-

  What should be paid attention to when operating the bottle printer?Careful attention during operation can increase the service life of the bottle UV printer.

  One.What matters should be paid attention to when operating bottle UV printer?

  1.Before cleaning,maintaining or troubleshooting the inside of the bottle printer,be sure to shut down and unplug the power plug.Operating inside the machine may cause electric shock.

  2.If your machine emits smoke,the parts feel too hot when touched,make abnormal noises,smell stale or the cleaning fluid,and the ink is on the machine,please stop the operation immediately.Otherwise,the above conditions may cause fire or serious damage to related accessories.Please turn off the machine immediately and disconnect the main power supply.

bottle printer

  3.To ensure a clean working environment,good results are essential for the normal use of the bottle printer.

  4.The track of the bottle UV printer should be maintained in strict accordance with the requirements to avoid wear and tear of the inkjet printer track due to dust,etc.,and reduce the service life of the track.

  5.The nozzle is a precision device.When you are operating the nozzle,you should strictly follow the requirements of the manufacturer's manual to avoid damage to the bottle UV printer nozzle,and the nozzle is not within the scope of repair.

  6.Please install the ground wire in strict accordance with the requirements before the bottle UV printer,and always check whether the ground wire is in good contact

  7.Do not try to modify the equipment,replace non-manufacturer original parts,to avoid loss.

  8.Do not touch any part of the bottle printer with wet hands.

  Two.Summary of bottle printer manufacturer Dacen

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