How To Store The Ink Of The Cylinder Printer?

- Mar 12, 2021-

  How to store the ink of the cylinder printer?Generally,it should be placed in a centralized manner,sealed,and protected from light to avoid humid environments.

  One.How to store the ink of the cylinder printer?

  1.Keep away from light

  The location should not be directly exposed to the sun.Place it in a darker place.The UV ink bottle is basically black,which is also to avoid light.Therefore,the ink should be placed in a cool and backlit place,packed in a cardboard box or container of other materials.Store to avoid the accumulation of debris,so as to avoid damage caused by overstock.

  2.Centralized placement

  Cylinder printer ink is irritating,so the ink should not be placed in a conspicuous place to avoid accidents caused by non-workers,especially children.If you accidentally get the ink on your eyes or skin,wash it off with water immediately,if it happens The storage of UV ink is very important for serious cases due to immediate medical treatment,but the ink has a lifespan,and it is not recommended to store it for a long time.Therefore,in the production process,you should purchase ink reasonably according to your own production volume and use it up as soon as possible.Naturally,you will not encounter these problems.

  3.Pay attention to seal and save

  The UV ink of the cylindrical UV printer should be sealed and stored.The ink composition is particularly volatile.The unused ink or the temporarily unused ink should be tightened and sealed and stored.Pay special attention to not let the dust and debris in the air fall into the bottle.In the medium,if the print head is damaged by the ink with debris,the loss will be large.

  Two.Summary of the cylinder printer manufacturer Dacen

  Cylinder UV printer ink is divided into soft ink,hard ink,and flexible ink according to the difference of printing materials.The quality of the ink largely determines the image quality of the pattern.Since UV ink is different from ordinary ink,the storage of ink is very important.,The content of this article hopes to help you.

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