What Does UV In A Cylindrical UV Printer Mean?

- Mar 11, 2021-

   The cylindrical UV printer is called a UV printer because of the UV ink and UV curing method used, so it is called a cylindrical UV printer. This article will talk about the meaning of UV in a cylindrical printer?

   One. What does UV mean in a cylindrical UV printer?

   1. UV is the abbreviation of English Ultraviolet Rays, that is, ultraviolet rays. Ultraviolet (UV) is invisible to the naked eye. It is a section of electromagnetic radiation other than visible violet light, with a wavelength in the range of 10-400nm.

  2. UV printing is a printing process in which UV ink is irradiated by UV lamp to make it fast curing. The ink dries instantly after being irradiated by UV lamp, and will not merge with each other. CMYK four-color superposition is clearer.

cylinder printer

  3. UV ink will be cured when exposed to light, so it should be protected from light during production and use, that is: use a dark ink tank for packaging and a black ink tube for ink supply. White UV ink is often used when printing transparent and dark materials. White ink is more troublesome, because white ink uses titanium dioxide, and the specific gravity of titanium dioxide is higher than that of other color inks, and the solid content is greater than that of other colors. 4 times, so it is easy to precipitate and has a short storage period. The general working temperature of UV ink is 40-45℃, which can reach the viscosity and tension required by the nozzle.

   Two. The advantages and disadvantages of UV ink

   Advantages: the cylinder UV printer has fast printing speed, bright color, good abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, weather resistance, light resistance, because its drying principle is that ultraviolet light will cause glue inside the ink. The medium requirements are not high.

   Disadvantages: difficult to store, easy to shrink during curing, and difficult to control viscosity.

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