What Are The Factors That Affect The Printing Effect Of Cylindrical UV Printers?

- Jan 14, 2021-

   The same cylindrical printer may have different printing effects. This article will talk about the factors that affect the printing effect of a cylindrical UV printer?

   One. What are the factors that affect the printing effect of cylindrical UV printer?

   1. The skill of the operator

  When the factory proofed, you were satisfied with the results, but once you bought the machine back, you found that the results were not as good as you wanted. Could it be that the factory-made machines are different from the ones in the factory? This is actually not the reason. The machines are the same machine, but the operator is different, the effect will be different, so you can participate in the training and technical guidance provided by the manufacturer when you buy the machine, so that you can print high-precision finished products.

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   2. The problem of photo clarity

Now that the photos taken a few years ago are washed out, the clarity is not enough, because the photos taken by the mobile phone a few years ago are not clear enough. For the same reason, if you want the cylindrical printer to produce good results, you must first ensure that the clarity is clear. Pictures, because the higher the pixels of the picture itself, the better the printed effect. On the contrary, low-quality pictures cannot achieve high-quality results even if they are retouched.

  3. Cylinder printer color management

   Many people are not good at color toning, so the printing effect is not ideal. Just like a digital camera, in different shooting environments, because the user does not use the white balance adjustment function, the photos taken are often color cast or dark. This requires us to adjust through color correction software. Common software It is ps, so color management is very important to the printing effect.

   Two. Summary of cylinder printer manufacturer Dacen

  With the continuous improvement of printing quality, people’s requirements for accuracy are getting higher and higher. A realistic picture will give people a kind of immersive comfort. This article is "What are the factors that affect the printing effect of cylindrical UV printers? "?", I hope to help you, if you still don’t understand, please inquire Dacen technology.

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