How To Control The Printing Cost Of Cylinder Printer?

- Jan 13, 2021-

   The cylindrical printer is usually used to process thermos wine bottles, etc., or to customize the processing of thermos wine bottles for others. This article will talk about how to control the printing cost of the cylindrical printer?

   One. How to control the printing cost of cylinder printer?

   1. Everyone knows that the higher the cost, the lower the profit. Therefore, before putting it into production, you must calculate the cost to see if it is profitable, and then put it into production. Focus on purchasing cheap consumables and using cheap workers.

   2. Shorten production time

   To shorten the production time, we must start with the maturity of the equipment and worker technology we use. The first is the production speed of the equipment. The UV flatbed printer uses high-tech inkjet printing technology, so that the nozzle does not print directly with the substrate, achieving high-speed printing. The second is efficiency, four-color, eight-color high color reproduction, while ensuring the quality of printing, reducing the generation of waste. Then there is intelligent control, the whole printing process can be realized by a computer, and the process of plate making, film, baking, etc. is omitted, and the printing efficiency is improved.

cylinder printer (4)

   3. Saving of human capital

  The labor cost is reduced. The UV flatbed printer reduces the printing process that traditional four or five people can complete to only one person to complete it all. In addition, flatbed printers do not have high technical requirements for operators, so that companies can reduce the difficulty in finding technicians and the pressure on wages required to pay is not high, thereby increasing corporate profits. For the cost analysis of UV flatbed printers, the cost of UV flatbed printers is much higher than the cost of flatbed printers, and the human capital in the cost of UV flatbed printers is also much higher than that in the cost of flatbed printers.

   Two. Summary of cylinder printer manufacturer Dacen

   This article is "How to control the printing cost of cylinder printer?" I hope to help you.

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