What Is The Meaning Of The Parameters Of The UV Flatbed Printer?

- Aug 01, 2017-

When we go to factory to buy and inspect UV flatbed printer, manufacturers will introduce a bunch of parameter information to explain its performance to us. If you are a user just touching the UV printer, maybe you don’t understand the specific meaning of these parameters, so that the purchase process becomes difficult, so as a newcomer to UV printer to look at what parameters to buy it?


1. Maximum print width. UV flatbed printer can print on a wide variety of materials, the application industry is also very wide, different model equipment can print different the maximum width. When we buy, we must first according to our print needs, choose the print width for our own production.

2.Print head. For any kind of inkjet equipment, the print head has a great impact on print quality. Most of good UV flatbed printers in the market are used Toshiba print head. The technology is piezoelectric inkjet, the way of ink supply is continuous ink supply. With the print head manufacturers to enhance the technology, domestic print head model of UV flatbed machine will change.

3. Print resolution. Print resolution level is an important parameter to measure the final printing results, generally expressed in dpi, the value of course, the higher the better. Common resolution is 1200x300dpi, 1800x300dpi, 2400x300dpi, according to the print mode to adjust the resolution.

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