Is The UV Flatbed Printer's Rack Important?

- Aug 01, 2017-

Many people in the inspection of UV printers, often overlooked a problem, the importance of the rack, as a UV printer’s rack,it is very important. All the accessories are installed on the rack. If rack is unstable, the quality of the entire equipment can not guarantee.


The print head is also a kind of accessories only. Good print head with a unstable machine, the quality will be unstable. It will not be long before the effect getting worse with the deformation of the rack.

In fact, not only the rack, the entire equipment, all spare parts are actually do service for the print head. The print head is only the last output link. Whether it is rack, transmission, walking accuracy, ink system, air system, electronic control system, etc., all exist for the print head to print patterns . Only the equipment is well, can the choosing print head print out high-quality pattern. The print head is the last link, the rack is very important, choose a different print head, resulting to a different effect.


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