The Head Carriage Of UV Flatbed Printer Can Not Be Forced To Move

- Jul 31, 2017-

The resolution requirements of UV flatbed printers are very strict. A good printer to ensure the print resolution will start from friction noise of the parts which connect with rails and the servo motor. And the head carriage is carefully protected. The head carriage of UV printer is being positioned by itself, but sometimes, customers want to move the head carriage to the other side, at this time, pay attention to not use the external force to move. The correct way is to turn on the machine to move by itself, otherwise it will really damage the important parts.

If the use environment of flatbed printer in dusty places, it is easy to lead to poor lubrication of the car guide shaft, the movement of the head carriage during printing is blocked, may cause the print position is not accurate or hit mechanical frame damage and crash.


If the head carriage does not return to its original position and reboot, the printer will first return the head carriage to the initial position, and then clean the print head, so the ink will be unnecessarily wasted. Users should always wipe the dust on the guide shaft, and lubricate the guide shaft, choose lubricants with better mobility, such as sewing machine oil.

Before the shutdown, the user need to confirm the head carriage whether back to the initial position, do not rush to shut down and rush to unplug the power plug. This is to avoid the next time the printer to re-clean the print head and waste ink, and second, because the print head can be sealed by the protective cover in the initial position, the print head will not be so easy to cause clog.

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