Comparison Between Flatbed Printer And Pictorial Machine

- Jul 31, 2017-

Comparison between flatbed printer and pictorial machine


UV flatbed machine, it is free of coating, color saturation, printing area is large, as the current market, the rising mobile phone case manufacturer is the user of a UV flatbed machine, the effect like embossing and other special effects on mobile phone case is highly cost effective and high profit. These advantages is absolutely the best choice for silk screen manufacturers and advertising companies . The pictorial machine can only print the plane pattern, can not meet the special printing requirements.


The image printed out by UV flatbed machine can be immediately dry, this will improve the production efficiency of the product, greatly reducing the production time and help enterprises save a lot of cost, making a greater profit margins, when pictorial machine printing, Ink drying time will be longer. It is precisely because the UV flatbed printer dry function, the color of the  pattern printed by flatbed printer will not be biased, and there will be bias on the color printed by the traditional pictorial machine within 48 hours .

The output image of UV flatbed printer is with the light resistance and good wear resistance, but also suit for a variety of inkjet objects, such as plastic, cardboard, PVC, film, acrylic and so on. UV  flatbed printer is highly cost-effective,in the future market will be more broad. These advantages  were not available of the traditional pictorial machine.


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