The UV Printer Winter Use Tips

- Jul 20, 2017-

The temperature plummet in winter, whether in the south or the north, temperature is not very high. low temperature is easy to solidify the ink, liquidity is worse. When printing, the print head is prone to broken ink and other problems ,DACEN explain the UV printer Winter use tips for you.

The temperature of winter is too low, UV ink will produce precipitation, seriously will cause some solidification. Recommended plus resistance wire, in the printing process, in advance to rise the temperature.

When the UV flatbed printer is not used for a long time, need to cover a thick black cloth. It has three points: 1, to avoid light exposure, affecting the ink; 2, to avoid cold air entry, affecting the life of spare parts; 3, to avoid dust and particles into the machine, affecting the daily use.


Every day to open the UV flatbed printer, do not immediately put into use, it is best to warm up the machine 10-15 minutes. on the one hand, to do a comprehensive self-test for equipment, on the other hand, can also make the machine to the best printing state.

Temperature has a certain impact on the UV printer, after turning on the machine, do a white paper test, testing the use of the print head. If conditions permit, it is best to work in the air conditioning environment, make the temperature maintained at 22 ~ 25 degrees Celsius, it can be adjusted according to the temperature changes accordingly.

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