The Key Technology Of UV Flatbed Printer

- Jul 21, 2017-

1. Print head: mature print heads are basically used piezoelectric inkjet technology, the use of the characteristics that piezoelectric crystals will be telescopic deformation when the voltage changes at both ends , through the electric signal to drive the piezoelectric crystal in the ink chamber  to move ,force the the ink to be sprayed out.

2. Print head board technology: According to the number and type of print head to develop the appropriate board technology.

3. Hardware structure technology: This includes a lot of hardware, different manufacturers have different technologies, automatic measurement, ink back, alarm system, water-cooling Led UV lamp, negative pressure regulator system, structural stability technology, rack and so on.

4. Color software technology: flatbed printer is controlled by computer to do semi-automatic printing, there need to use the printing software, good color software can do more realistic reduction to the image’s color, reduce chromatic aberration, show a richer color.


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