The Reasons For The UV Printer Print Head Plug

- Jul 20, 2017-

UV flatbed printer prices are high,the reason is its excellent workmanship and print head, the print head is the part that require the highest quality of the flatbed printer. As the nozzle is too fine (usually the naked eye can not see), so improper maintenance will be easy to plug. What are the reasons for the UV printer print head plug?

1. Do not clean the nozzle in time. The ink of the print head is accumulated to a certain extent and the outside will condense lead to the nozzle plug, which is one of the most common ways of plugging. Generally 2 to 3 days is the best to clean, in addition,the print head should be moisturizing treatment before the daily stop .

2. The filter inside the UV flatbed printers print head plugged cause there is no ink of the nozzle . When the nozzle is using for a long time, especially when the ink in the nozzle flows for a short time, the ink is easy to adsorb on the filter, the ink flow area is reduced, resulting in uneven ink or print head blocking and so on.

3. Frequent replacement of ink, the viscosity, composition of different ink are different, the ink flow will be worse when ink viscosity is too high , will cause different degrees of plugging. Ink viscosity is too low (ink is too thin) easily lead to the ink can not be suctioned, which can not achieve high-quality print effect.

4. Soft / hard ink mixed use. For different materials ,there need to replace the soft ink or hard ink, in the replacement if the print head did not be completely cleaned will cause seriously block.

5. The temperature and humidity are the external factors causing print head clogging.

6. Use poor or expired ink


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