The Method Of Identify Secondhand UV Printer

- Aug 02, 2017-

        UV printer industry after several years of development, has been recognized by the domestic users, some second-hand refurbished machines also appeared in the market, people very hard to prevent. So DACEN share a few identification methods for everyone.



        1, We look at the machine, you can directly see the degree of old and new of UV printer head parts.

        2, To observe whether the machine's nozzle is used, the difference between the nozzle is used and the nozzle is not used can be seen by the naked eye.

        3, Then you can see whether there is ink in the ink tube, ink road and nozzle, if there is, that means the machine is used.

        4, When the new nozzle starts to use, the effect of printing is worse than the effect of the nozzle used for a while. And the old nozzle, Especially dedicated to print white ink, be sure to pay attention to if the channel of the nozzle is burned, the nozzle is blocked.

        5, To open the base of the nozzle, observe the internal parts, In general, parts have date codes. If the date of each component is too different, Indicating that the machine has been used for some time, the accessories are also replaced.

        6, To check if the encoding on the UV printer's motherboard is consistent with the encoding on the print head, the code of the new machine is the same.

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