How To Improve The Adhesion Of UV Flatbed Printer Ink

- Aug 02, 2017-

The adaptability of the pattern refers to the environmental adaptability of the surface pattern of the substrate. Whether it is no matter how good and how fine the printing is , if encountered rain, acidic, alkaline and other objective factors, there is fade, shedding, it is useless. Then how to improve the adaptability of UV flatbed printer ink, and now teach you three skills.


1.The coating: coating ,a kind of material that is between the ink and the substrate, it can effectively improve the adhesion of the ink, so that it can be closely attached to the substrate surface, uneasy to fall off. Improve the patterns anti-seismic property and compression resistance.

2.Ink: it is better to select the original ink , so you can ensure the quality of the ink, if using the mixed ink on the market and bad quality ink, not only can not guarantee the adaptability of printed patterns, but also will affect the quality of the pattern if serious.


3.Varnish: Varnish is the protective layer that covered on the surface of the pattern . It can not only improve the appreciation of the substrate, make it brighter and better gloss. And the pattern has the function of waterproof and sunscreen . Of course, good varnish can also make the pattern adapt to strong acid, alkali, low temperature environment.


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