Perfect Application Program Of UV Printer White Ink

- Aug 03, 2017-

The colors C, M, Y, K are the most basic colors of UV printer , and then through the computer software to control the proportion of deployment, this white is mainly white lines of pattern printed by printer.

There is a ink that is to accompany with white specially , that is, using white ink to achieve a white printing, need to be mentioned is that the price of white ink is generally higher than the color ink.

Then which materials need white when printing , which special technologies need to use white ink? Here are some details:


1: The color of the pattern itself is black, or other colors that are very deep , then you need to do a white background, so that other colors of the pattern can be better expressed through the white .

2: The material that need embossing effect , such as the common pattern on mobile phone cases  are rugged , tile background wall with three-dimensional pattern,etc. need white ink.

3: There is white the printing pattern itself , need to deploy white through the four primary colors , to achieve the pursuit of printing quality.


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