The Difference Between Civilian And Industrial UV Flatbed Printer

- Jul 21, 2017-

The difference between civilian and industrial UV flatbed printer mainly in three aspects: First, the price; Second, efficiency; Third, the life of use.


Price: the price of civilian UV flatbed printer is 200,000CNY or less in the general market, which also have two levels, one is 10-20 million, the manufacturers have their own research and development capabilities, there is a certain technical content. The other one is less than 100,000CNY, most of which is some hardware and some software together. It is best not to consider this kind of equipment.


Efficiency: the obvious difference is that the civilian UV flatbed printer generally is Epson printhead, some have one printhead, some have two printheads. We recommend that people who have enough money to buy two printheads, one printhead is the configuration a few years ago. On the technology, it has been unable to meet the needs of the current market. Industrial UV flatbed printer generally is Toshiba, Seiko, Ricoh, Konica print head, the general configuration are four printheads, eight printheads, sixteen printheads. If the output and size are large, we recommend you choose industrial UV flatbed printer.

Finally, the life of use: industrial UV flatbed printer has stricter requirements in the hardware. the basic use of imported or well-known domestic manufacturers. From one of the most simple place can be seen, the general weight of this kind of machine are more than 700KG, adults standing on the machine platform back and forth beating will not cause the collapse of the platform, so its life is naturally three times more than civilian UV flatbed printer.


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