The Development Of Large-width UV Flatbed Printers

- Feb 23, 2021-

  The development of large-width UV flatbed printers,many customers want to print products with larger screens,and they will need large-size UVprinters.In this article,Dacen will introduce large-width UV printers.

  1.The development of large-width UV flatbed printers

  2030-uv flatbed printer 3000mm long x 2300mm wide and 3500mm long x 3300mm wide x 1500mm high industrial general type

  2513-uv flatbed printer length 1300mm×width 2500mm length 1900mm×width 3800mm×height 1500mm industrial general type

UV printer

  2530-uv flatbed printer 3000mm long x 2500mm wide 55480mm long 3980mm wide x 1306mm high industrial large

  In order to improve the accuracy of printing,the new large printing equipment generally uses piezoelectric nozzles,and the ink uses solvent-based pigments.The product does not need to be coated to ensure that the color will not fade for two years outdoors.The printing speed is getting faster and the accuracy is getting higher and higher.The model has been changed from 5 meters in width two years ago to the current 2.5-3.2 meters.It is predicted that the future sales of flatbed printers will continue to increase at a rate of 30%-50%every year.

  2.UV printer manufacturer Dacen summary

  Each uv printer is equipped with smart front and rear partition function,that is to say,when partition printing,you can print while loading and unloading,which saves the downtime of loading and unloading.The above is the development of large and wide UV flatbed printers.All the content,I hope to help you.

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