How Much Is A UV Flatbed Printer?

- Feb 22, 2021-

  How much is a UV flatbed printer?Different sizes of UV printers have different prices.The commonly used 2513 printers cost 19500.00 - 19800.00USD/ Set.The main reason for such a big price difference is the difference in nozzles.The prices of different nozzles will vary a lot,6090 between 10000.00 - 15000.00USD/ Set 

  One.How much is a UV flatbed printer?

  1.First understand the reputation of the brand and UV printer manufacturer through the Internet,and investigate the relevant information to avoid being deceived.

  2.On-site inspections to UV printer manufacturers,after all,the price of  the UV printer is not a small number,but you can go to the factory to inspect and feel relieved,mainly depending on the factory scale,service attitude,professional knowledge,production capacity,etc.

UV printer manufacturer

  3.The price of UV printers is not a criterion.Different manufacturers and different models will have different prices.In contrast,you should choose a good after-sales service and guaranteed quality.

  4.Pay attention when signing the contract,including UV printer after-sales,maintenance,warranty coverage,accessories,etc.All empty words are unproven,and it is appropriate to write in white and black in the contract.

  Two,UV flatbed printer manufacturer Dacen summary

  Many people think that the production efficiency of UV printers is very good,which can help bosses save labor costs.A traditional piece of equipment requires at least a few people to operate.Dacen's UV printer only needs one person to complete the production.A piece of equipment can be used for at least 10 years,and it can pay back half a year.If you have any needs,please inquire Dacen.

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