How Much Is The UV Flatbed Printer Price?

- Feb 24, 2021-

   How much is the UV flatbed printer price? Most manufacturers determine the model of the machine based on the effective print size of the uv flatbed printer. The common uv machine models are 1325, 2513, 2030, 6090, 2530, 1800, 2500, etc. The price of 2513 is about 2000 USD higher than the price of 1325, and the price of 2030 The price is about 3,000 USD higher than the 2513. Many other models are non-standard models, and often need to be customized, and the price will be about 10,000 to 50,000 USD higher. The specific price is subject to the manufacturer's quote.

UV printer

   One, How much is the UV flatbed printer price?

   1. The price of small UV printers on the market is around US$4,400-10,000. Like the price of A3 printing at 4,400 USD, of course, the price of UV flatbed printers on the market is not fixed. The prices of UV flatbed printers on the market are high and low.

   2. Different machines have different prices, and different nozzles have different prices. Like the same machine 2513, because the nozzles are different, the price will be quite different.

   3. The price of universal printers is indeed more expensive, because universal printers are very practical. Therefore, the price of universal printers on the market is relatively expensive. Of course this is relatively normal.

   Two, UV printer manufacturer Dacen summary

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