Seven. Safety Precautions And Maintenances

- Jun 14, 2018-

Please maintenance the machine after the UV LED cooled down completely, then do the maintenance to avoid Scald.

Eight. maintenance according to demand

1.Cleaning device for LED UV

.Remove ink or dust attached to LED UV regularly, and be careful when cleaning LED UV, so as not to damage the irradiated part at the bottom of the equipment. When there is a certain amount of dust or shading in the irradiation unit, it will result in poor ink curing and produce Pass marks. When the dirt is serious, please replace the parts. (SPA-0290 LED glass).

2.remove ink that attached to the worktable

Use alcohol soaked cloth to remove ink attached to the worktable as required. Be careful when removing the solidified ink. Do not damage the worktable. After working on the table for a long time, it is difficult to remove ink by using alcohol. (keep the table clean at any time).

3.Removing the clogging of the suction hole on the worktable

Attached ink may clog the adsorption holes on the working surface. Please remove the ink in the adsorption hole according to the needs. Care must be taken not to leave the fragments of solidified ink on the working surface.

   4. Clean the bottom of the car, please clean the ink stuck to the bottom of the printhead carriage. (you can use a dust-free cloth to pour alcohol on the bottom of the car.)

alcohol and wipe.jpg

printhead wipe.jpg

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