It's Better Not To Buy A Too Cheap UV Printer

- Jun 15, 2018-

At present, UV flatbed printer has been wildly applied in many industries. Therefore, many customers purchase UV flatbed printer for production.During the process of inspection,Lots of customers think the prize is the priority instead of quality.This can be a quite ‘dangerous’idea.

    As a professional manufacturer of UV flatbed printer, Let's stand in a neutral position for cunstomers and manufacturer and analysis why we shouldn't only focus on prize.

    (UV Flatbed printer production workshop of DACEN)

    1.On the same UV flatbed printer,if we equip the Epson print head such as Epson TX800 and XP600,the prize for each print head is around 500 to 1000 RMB(About 80 to 159 USD), and the service life is close to one month. But the printing speed is one third of Epson Gen 5 or Gen 7. 

    2.On the same inkjet UV printer,if the prize is low,can it guarantee the quality of the equipment?

    The answer is:No

    For example,Inkjet printer with Ricoh G5 print head, some manufacturer's prize is 180K, but some others are 150k? Why the gap is so big?

    (DACEN UV flatbed printer)

    Reasons are below:

    Equipment's accessories:Part of manufacturers use the LEIMING? servo motor,part of them us Japan Fuji motor, these two brand are not one the same quality level.

    Equipment's software:Some of the softwares of the equipment are for Epson inkjet machine, some use industral software which has higher requirement.

    Ink supply system: On the surface, Ricoh G5 UV flatbed printer has 2 levels of in supply, but the crucial question is what kind of material and accessories.

    Because of that, we can see that if only looking for the workable performance, for sure you can choose the cheapest equipment. But exactly how well it perform or how long it will last can not be guaranteed.

    UV flatbed printer's application in 3D background wall industry.

    There is this old chinese saying that : pay one cent worth of money, get one cent worth of goods.That the ultimate truth!

    From the customer's angle, they want to get the best product with the lowest prize which can be really tricky. Because small manufacturers can probably go broke and get shut down anytime. The quality can not be guaranteed. Because manufacturers are not charities. Without the profit to support,they will not be exist.

    Of course, There were small factories in the UV flatbed printer business, their prize can be very low. But you can't get dependable quality guarantee,no aftersell service,can breakdown in any minute. Nobody to repair If small glitches happened. That would be a big cost to hire outsider mechanic to fix it then.

    In general, Many smart UV flatbed printer inspectors will not blindly lower the prize, rather than only searching for cheap equipment. Because they know that if the prize is too low, means that very likely the quality of manufacturer's service is lower. Only when choosed the cheaper equipment, we can realize that the quality of the machine won't be so good. The figures are already settled. So that some customers seem to not care about how long the machine will last. Cause they know that can't expect the machine to have excellent durability if the prize is too low.


    Can be wishing for good quality when the prize is extremly low. If the profit is too little for the factory, they will cut down the aftersell service.

    After reading the article above, I believe that you really understand why you can't buy equipment that is too cheap.

    If thee have any questions about the equipment, or want to know more about UV flatbed printer and printing process, please feel free to contact us anytime.

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