Reasons For Using UV Flatbed Printer For TV Background Wall

- Feb 10, 2021-

  More and more personalized customization needs to use UV flatbed printers.This article will talk about the reasons why the TV background wall uses UV flatbed printers.

  One,the reason why the TV background wall uses UV flatbed printer

  1.The printed patterns are bright in color,waterproof,wear-resistant,and non-fading.The TV background wall UV flatbed printer breaks the bottleneck of digital printing skills and is an alternative to traditional printing machines.It is not subject to any material restrictions.It can be used on wood,glass,crystal,PVC,ABS,acrylic,metal,plastic,stone,leather,Colorful photo-grade printing on cloth,rice paper and other textiles.No matter it is a simple block color pattern,a full colorful pattern or a pattern with excessive colors,it can be printed at one time,without plate making,printing and repeated color registration,and the scope of use covers the printer industry.

  2.The TV background wall printer is a machine that can print the background wall.It can print any pictures,full color,gradient,relief,etc.printing effects can be achieved.

  3.UV flatbed printer printing resolution,printing speed and noise.Any multi-color pattern can be printed successfully at one time without making a plate.The process is simple,spray and dry.It has the characteristics of fast and sensitive characteristic output.It is a technological innovation of manual painting,various transfer and screen printing skills.

  Two,UV printer manufacturer Dacen summary

  This article is the content of"The reason why TV background wall uses UV flatbed printer",I hope to help you,general TV background wall UV printer generally uses 2513 or 2030 or 2530 printer.

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