Phone Case Printer Introduction

- Feb 16, 2021-

  Introduction to mobile phone case printers,there are advantages to using UV printers in mobile phone cases.This article summarizes the advantages of mobile phone case printers.

  One.Introduction to mobile phone case printer

  1.Appearance design of phone case printer:overall,simple,easy to operate,convenient,humanized scientific design.It follows the mainstream and adopts an all-black design.The main buttons are arranged on the right side of the body,so from the front,the appearance of the panel looks very simple,and the lines are simple and clean.

phone case printer

  2.Auto-cleaning system for mobile phone case printers:The remarkable function of preventing nozzle clogging can automatically clean the print head in various modes according to the consumer's choice,which can prevent nozzle clogging.

  3.The phone case printer itself has 9 basic colors.The accuracy can reach 2880*1440DPI.It can print any object with a printable thickness within 17CM.It can automatically change colors and more than 16 million.

  4.The mobile phone case printer is an inkjet printing high-tech digital printing equipment that"non-contacts"with the object,so it can be used on wood,crystal,metal plate,floor tiles,porcelain,and CD,Acrylic,EVA,KT board,leather,silicone,plastic,PP,PE,PVC,cloth,self-adhesive,stone plastic,glass,wood,etc.

  5.The phone case printer is a special printing equipment that can directly paint on the material.It can also be called a digital printer,because its working principle is basically the same as that of an ordinary printing machine.After the pattern you want to make is processed on the computer,the data line is connected through the USB port.The information is sent to the phone case printer,so as to order the phone case printer to perform the painting work.

  Two.UV printer manufacturer Dacen summary

  The above is the entire content of"Mobile phone case printer introduction",I hope to help you.

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