Is The UV Flatbed Printer Suitable For Printing 3D Effects On Glass?

- Jul 14, 2017-

Glass as a common decorative materials in building industry, can be applied to a wide range of places. With the changes of the times, simple glass has been unable to meet the needs of our customers. Some glass with embossed, color patterns, personality patterns loved by some customers, DACEN introduce the print head of the glass UV printer is how to choose for everyone.


Glass embossed effect is generally used as a decoration of the house, since it is a decoration, the requirements of the resolution of the printed product is very high, to achieve this effect, the resolution of the print head is very high. The ink drop is smaller, the resolution is higher. The current manufacturer of the print head, the resolution of Epson's nozzle is highest, the smallest ink drop is 3.5pl. The smallest ink drop of Toshiba and Ricoh are 5pl and 7pl. But the life of Epson nozzle is short, from a long-term point of view, the better choice is the Toshiba nozzle. The life of Toshiba nozzle is 24 months -36 months, and the nozzle warranty for one year.

Based on the resolution, price and practicality, UV flatbed printer with Toshiba print head are more advantages, very suitable for high-resolution glass decorative printing.

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