The Benefits Of Coating Before UV Printer Printing

- Jul 14, 2017-


In the printing, some materials can not be directly printed, need to do some coating material for

better printing effect.

1. Drying speed: Coating use a special chemical material , It is dry fast after spraying, especially on the glass, metal, ceramic these types of relatively smooth material .

2. Print effect is better: if directly print on some materials, mainly on smooth non-absorbent material, the effect is not very good, the effect after the use of the coating is very good.

3. Wear-resistant, waterproof: due to the composition of the adhesive in the coating, so after printing the adsorption force between ink and material is very superior, far more better than no treatment state.

4. In some special industries it is very applicable, the coating with flexibility, transparency, impact resistance and other characteristics, is an indispensable process in some industries.


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